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airDEFenderô works with Selective Catalytic Reduction exhaust systems to reduce Nitrogen Oxide emissions and helps decrease fuel consumption.

Why Choose airDEFenderô?

At Oleo Energies Inc., we pride ourselves on taking our jobs very seriously. We promise to do what it takes to deliver only the very best products to you. This includes airDEFenderô, a premium, formaldehyde free diesel exhaust fluid. Every time you run your engine's SCR system with airDEFenderô, we know you're placing your trust in us. This trust and our dedication to ensuring the highest quality is what inspires us to provide an exceptional product. airDEFenderô is certified with the American Petroleum Institute and is made in compliance with ISO 22241.

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airDEFenderô is fully certify by API and meets the transporation industry specification ISO 22241. A very clean, pure urea diesel exhaust fluid.


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About OLEO Energies

Oleo Energies Inc. has extensive capabilities and technical resources to produce the highest purity of formaldehyde-free diesel exhaust fluid. airDEFenderô meets or exceeds ISO 22241 standards.


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Major U.S. fertilizer producer CF Industries has announced plans to increase production capacity of urea-based products, including DEF, by 130,000 tons.

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